Our mission is to assist, guide and support Real Estate Developers

Over the last two decades, Title Solutions has developed an outstanding reputation for providing sound legal advice and support to the real estate development community.

We assist, guide and support Real Estate Developers

Title Solutions has been involved with the development of office buildings, mixed-use projects, residential developments, retail projects, and multi-family residential projects. By getting involved early in the project, we typically are able to assist our clients in the due diligence phase of determining the feasibility of a project, providing the legal representation for the acquisition or sale of a project, as well as providing advice concerning the sales process, financing, construction, and development of a particular project. We assist real estate developers identify and define the legal procedures and/or policies necessary to structure real estate transactions efficiently and successfully.

Thus, Title Solutions is frequently in a position to recommend lenders, sources of equity, auditors and risk assessors, surveyors, environmental investigators, appraisers, architects, and engineers as well as other professionals that may be helpful in connection with a particular project.

We provide full legal support to real estate developments

Our expertise of the Mexican real estate market allows us to help developers minimize liabilities, find the best partners, and optimize their sales process.

Legal Certainty

The real estate market is constantly changing, and so are the regulatory requirements, which is why Title Solutions can help real estate developers identify and define current or future procedures and/or policies necessary to safely structure a real estate transaction, from the purchase of the land to be developed, to the transfer of title to bona fide purchasers.

Risk Management

Our extensive experience allows us to assist developers in the process of identifying, assessing and mitigating potential risks that may affect a real estate investment or transaction. This would include taking proactive steps to minimize the impact of risks that could negatively affect a real estate investment, such as market fluctuations, property damage or disputes, situations that can also endanger the assets of bona fide purchasers.

Sales Processes

Real estate sales processes are subject to frequent legal changes and the law is constantly evolving. Title Solutions can help developers navigate these legal complexities and optimize the efficiency of their sales processes by creating certain documents and/or tools that allow developers to anticipate and, as a result, accelerate the sales process, taking into consideration the management and follow-up of the required documentation and information.

Our key partnerships and memberships

Our partners allow us to offer a wide range of services to our clients with a high level of professionalism that we can vouch for.