Our Mission is to assist, advise and train Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Over the last two decades, Title Solutions has developed an outstanding reputation for providing sound legal advice, training and support to Mexican Realtors.

We help realtors sell successfully and protect their clients

Title Solutions has been involved with the commercial and legal transactions of office buildings, mixed-use projects, residential developments, retail projects, and multi-family residential projects. By getting involved early in the sales process and training realtors in the legal complexities of real estate transactions, we help maximize sales results, diminish the risks for your clients and speed up the closing process. The right attorneys can help negotiate favorable terms, smooth any disputes before they become a serious problem, and most importantly help to prevent future legal issues.

Through our key Partnerships, Title Solutions is also in a position to recommend mortgage lenders, title insurers, auditors, surveyors, environmental investigators, interior designers, architects, as well as other professionals that may be helpful in connection with a particular development your client might be interested in.

We provide full legal services to help you secure commercial transactions faster

Our expertise of the Mexican real estate market allows us to help agents protect their clients, optimize their sales process and become more proficient with legal matters.

Due Diligence

  • We help realtors with the auditing of documents related to new listings. This allows the real estate agency to anticipate and confirm that the property to be listed is legally in order and the documentation provided by the seller is sufficient to formalize the transfer of title.
  • We calculate in anticipation, the possible closing costs for both buyer and seller, which include notary fees, transfer of property taxes, and capital gain taxes.

Legal Training

The real estate market and its legislation are constantly changing, so it is critical for realtors to be able to identify and define present or current legal procedures and/or policies necessary to successfully structure a real estate transaction. Title Solutions can provide custom and in-demand training in English and Spanish on current Legal, Escrow, Financing and tax procedures to real estate agents, independent brokers or agencies.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Selling Real Estate Property In Mexico

In this practical, step by step legal guide for buyers, sellers and real estate agents or brokers, you will learn the most important aspects and stages of buying or selling a property in Mexico, including title closing process, escrow and financing.

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Our key partnerships and memberships

Our partners allow us to offer a wide range of services to realtors with a high level of professionalism.